My Golf Adventure: adult humor

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Personalized Books


This adult version of My Golf Adventure is an entertaining roast of your spouse or golfing buddy’s skills on the green. This lighthearted story is the perfect gift for the “big kid” who loves golf.

Also great for birthdays, retirement, Christmas, or anytime your buddy thinks they've mastered the links!

"Rumor to the contrary, Tommy is no cheapskate. Tommy may be a bit frugal when it comes to less important issues like retirement planning, dental work, and back-taxes, but not when it comes to golf equipment."

"Some golfers even aspire to the ultimate accomplishment: shooting one's age. Tommy has no trouble shooting 46. The problem is that he does it on the first few holes."

"The scene is usually the same. Tommy delays in the pro shop until the drinks are bought. Then he rehashes all of his unlucky bounces, pays off his debts, and leaves just before it is his turn to buy."

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  • For adults
  • This is a quality hard-cover personalized book.
  • Washable hard covers
  • Fully illustrated color pages
  • 36 pages