My Very Own Music (MP3)

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Personalized Music

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Our full-length album will entertain your child as they hear their name more than forty (40) times throughout this personalized CD. Watch your little one’s face light up while he or she sings and dances to all 8 songs, each lively and uniquely different. We’ve incorporated educational tracks and songs to encourage reading, songs to help your child wake up in the morning, songs about sharing and being nice to animals, a sleepy time lullaby and more.

Each song is also available for individual MP3 download (click the links):
- My Very Own Music (Track 1) : Wake Up
- My Very Own Music (Track 2) : Fishes and Froggies
- My Very Own Music (Track 3) : Outside
- My Very Own Music (Track 4) : Driving the Car
- My Very Own Music (Track 5) : The Alphabet Song
- My Very Own Music (Track 6) : The Sharing Song
- My Very Own Music (Track 7) : The Best Costume
- My Very Own Music (Track 8) : Sleepy Time

Or you can order a CD version of this album:
- My Very Own Music (CD version)

An MP3 download allows you to instantly download the CD or song after your payment is confirmed. An email will be sent with links to download the music to your computer.

This allows you to add the music to your phones, portable MP3 music players. You can create your own CD by burning a copy from your computer.