My Very Own Music (Track 7) - The Best Costume

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This is a narrated story read to your child about a girl named Molly with a healthy imagination who finds a box of old costumes in the garage. At the end of her adventure, Molly learns that she’s happiest being herself. This parable helps children to visualize the action in a story, and to develop listening skills which are so important for pre-K, kindergarten and elementary school-aged children.

Each song is on also available for individual MP3 download (click the links):
- My Very Own Music (Track 1) : Wake Up
- My Very Own Music (Track 2) : Fishes and Froggies
- My Very Own Music (Track 3) : Outside
- My Very Own Music (Track 4) : Driving the Car
- My Very Own Music (Track 5) : The Alphabet Song
- My Very Own Music (Track 6) : The Sharing Song
- My Very Own Music (Track 7) : The Best Costume
- My Very Own Music (Track 8) : Sleepy Time

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